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We carry out all aspects of tree work

From individual trees and hedges in domestic gardens, commercial and local authority maintenance, up to site clearing and woodland work.

Our principal area of operation is throughout the county of The East Riding of Yorkshire.

However, we often find ourselves working further afield due to customers' recommendation.

All work is undertaken by qualified and experienced operators in line with the A.F.A.G (Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group) Best Practice Guidelines.

We use the latest equipment and most up to date techniques to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently and in the utmost safety, with care and respect to the clients' property and grounds.

Our operations go ahead with the minimum of disruption on site, and are completed on time and on budget.

Our range of services includes:

  • Tree felling and sectional tree dismantling in confined areas
  • Removal of dangerous trees and hazardous limbs
  • Tree surgery work in line with BS 3998
  • Crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction and pollarding
  • Dead wood removal and formative pruning
  • Storm damage clearance and remedial tree surgery
  • Tree bracing
  • Woodland thinning
  • Overgrown hedge reduction and renovation
  • Hedge trimming and topiary
  • Narrow access tracked aerial platform hire with certificated operators
  • Wood chipping
  • Tracked wood chipper hire with certificated operators
  • Stump grinding and stump removal
  • Site clearance
  • Tree planting
  • Log splitter hire with operative
  • Trees to firewood – complete service
  • Roadside tree maintenance and safety works
  • Specialists at working on sites with limited or difficult access

Working with our Clients and the Environment

We work with our clients to provide solutions to ensure all material is recycled in one way or another.

Branch material is chipped up and used for garden mulch, composting, or footpath dressing.

Many customers are looking to get the most from their trees. We are able to provide our clients with a complete service from felling the tree through to conversion into firewood. Where this is not required by the client, we will swiftly and efficiently remove everything off site.

We ensure that all timber and arisings from our tree work are dealt with responsibly and pride ourselves on leaving all sites as tidy as we found them.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas

We offer help and advice to clients with issues surrounding Tree Preservation Orders and tree works within Conservation Areas.

We work closely with the Local Authority Tree Officers and we can take care of the hassle and paperwork associated with the planning process to get consent to carry out appropriate tree works to meet our clients’ needs.

East Riding Aborists vehicles

For advice and help with Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation Areas – call us

01262 481 090


07939 205 737

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